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These days people are quite updated about what new policies are getting introduced that certainly help them to safeguard their finances. In case of purchasing a health insurance policy, people always wish to choose the right one for them as it is needed to avail medical treatments. Because of the technologically advanced world of today, most of the things and procedures can now easily be done through online portals. Therefore, the process for buying a suitable health insurance can be done online as well in very easy steps. It is quite easy to buy a policy but what do you do when the claims are raised?

There are some reasons as to why some claims get rejected such as –

  • Claim Process– The health insurance is always a contract between you and your insurance company and it is always advised to follow the claim process sensibly. A lot of times there are incomplete or incorrectly filled application forms and lack of proper documentation which leads to the claim denial. One should always remain in touch with his or her insurance company to understand the health insurance claim procedure diligently. This in a way reduces the chances of any denial.
  • Pre Existing Diseases– Some of the health insurance plans do not work or cover the diseases that you might have been having while buying the policy. If in case you fall ill due to these diseases and require immediate hospitalisation then the health insurance company would not be responsible to cover you by the cost of treatment. Therefore, if you are planning to raise a health insurance claim then, in the case above there are possible chances that it would lead to a health insurance claim denied.
  • Policy Period– Usually health policies are valid for the period of one year. The policies expire at the end of the year. An expired policy will be of no use to anyone. Therefore, the policy should be renewed from time to time. With the renewal there are a lot of benefits involved such as you will have to pay a lesser premium. But if you won’t consider renewing your policy from time to time then it may lapse. If you won’t have an idea about the lapse of your health insurance policy and raise a claim then it will automatically be rejected.
  • Waiting Period– A person has to wait for sometime to avail the health insurance cover. The duration varies from company to company and is dependent upon the terms and condition of a respective company. The health insurance claim denied if you would raise a claim in between the waiting period.
  • Exclusions– The health insurance provides a financial cover if anytime you fall ill or require immediate medical assistance. This involves a lot of conditions due to which you cannot raise a claim. Such conditions are known as ‘Exclusions’. If you would raise a claim against any exclusion of the policy then it will be rejected there and then.

To avoid a denied health insurance claim, you must always read the policy related documents thoroughly and with utmost focus. In case of doubts, you should get in touch with the health insurance firm and get everything clarified.

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