Say goodbye to passwords, Google now supports passkeys

Just ahead of World Password Day, Google has announced that it will be supporting the use of passkeys. Starting right now, users would be able to switch to passkeys and stop using their download lagu and 2FA codes to sign in.

If passkeys are new to you, they are a new industry standard developed by the FIDO Alliance which counts companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Amazon, and more as its members.

Passkeys are said to be a safer and more convenient alternative to passwords and 2FA codes because you log in using a pre-authenticated device and by using methods that you’ve already become accustomed to like a local PIN (passcode), your fingerprint, or face recognition.

Furthermore, this data isn’t shared with Google and the passkeys themselves only exist on your device. This means there’s no password that can be stolen in a phishing attack.

Users can start using passkeys now by logging into their Google account and selecting the “Create a passkey” option under the “Security” tab.

Even though passkeys are touted as the safer alternative, Google says it will continue to support existing login methods for the foreseeable future.

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