International Preschool Jakarta Timur: Global Sevilla. What To Expect?

International Preschool Jakarta Timur: Global Sevilla. What To Expect?

In international education or school, many people will see it as primary to secondary level. But how about preschool or kindergarten level? In preschool Jakarta Timur, Global Sevilla can provide its best international study for young learners. How good is it? In brief, it composes a range of programs, IEYC, and focused learning. 

International Curriculum 

The curriculum shapes almost everything in the school, including its learning and focus. Sometimes, it also affects the students’ learning activities and facilities. For this reason, parents should expect the best curriculum for their children. Global Sevilla in this case, stands out thanks to its IEYC or international early years curriculum from fieldwork education. 

The IEYC is one of the world’s known syllabi made and used specifically for children. It includes creating more creative and fun activities to attract and engage children in their studies. For more, the curriculum also packs unique learning activities ideas, standards, assessments, and many other details. Including the six areas of learning and development focuses.  

Unique approaches and learning 

Depending on the curriculum, the school can also provide a unique learning approach. IEYC in Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Timur showcases its focus on personal and character development. Thus, every program in its preschool education will have certain activities. It can be sensory fun, games, singing, rhymes, logical thinking, and many more.  

Better Focused Education 

Focused education makes the school have a better purpose and education design in it. In this case, IEYC comes with six areas of learning and development focused on children. It means the school will have to provide learning activities focusing on those areas to fully embrace students’ growth. The areas are motoric, creative, cognitive, communicative, literature, and knowledge about the world.  

High-End Facilities 

The international school does not get its standard without any aid of proper facilities. In other words, every school that is announced as an international preschool Jakarta Timur will have high-end or better facilities. Global Sevilla has a range of labs, rooms, sports facilities, a sensory room, a playground, and green areas. Global Sevilla also has two campuses, one in east Jakarta and one in west Jakarta.   

Global Sevilla has its accreditation as an international school with many factors. It is not only about high-end and famous schools, but also something related to the school’s curriculum, the international standard, and more focused learning. It makes the school one step better than others, which you can read or find more information about through Global Sevilla’s site.  Reference:

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